How to Have a Stronger WiFi Antennas Signal?

Now that much of our daily activity is highly dependent on a reliable connection to the Internet, the flexibility of use is essentially important here. When we say flexible, this means to say that we should be able to access the Web despite surrounding and existing physical constraints. 

This will include limited cables/wires, wall partitions, down to, etc. The most practical workaround here is to go on wireless connectivity mode. 

WiFi antenna provides the wireless connectivity we need. The stronger our wireless signal is, the better connection we have. However, since we are invariably in the habit of unconsciously moving away from the source of our WiFi signal, it will cause our wireless signal to drop. 


If you dare to go further away from the wireless antenna, you will soon enter the dark zone. At this point, you will have lost connection already. This is the place that your current WiFi won’t be able to reach anymore. A dead zone.  

It is good to know that we can boost our home WiFi signal today and also extend its coverage area. Hence, never lose your signal again and thus remain connected to your network. 

There are a handful of ways to boost your WiFi signal. Here is a rundown of some of them. 

  1. Relocate your router or transfer it to another location to boost the Wi-Fi signal
  2. Use a Wi-Fi repeater (Also known as an extender)
  3. Try making your DIY booster for Wi-Fi antenna 
  4. Upgrade your Wi-Fi receivers and antennas 

Move Your Router to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Wherever you decide to have your WiFi router stationed, it is crucial to see to it that its signal will not be compromised. Therefore, take caution on putting your router under the stairs in a cupboard. Do not even have it behind a lump of steel that you have wrapped in aluminum foil. 

If you want to extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi range, router placement is seriously important. Placing your WiFi antenna behind any kind of solid object, such as walls, will certainly cut down your WiFi range.  

Solution: See to it that you have your router stationed in an area that is clear of large objects, clutter, or any other items that can get in the way of your WiFi signal. 

Consider the Use of a Wi-Fi Extender/Repeater

If you happen to have the 802.11ac type of router and yet you are persistently having connectivity issues with it, the most practical solution you can try is to take advantage of a wireless extender. 

wireless home router

WiFi extender gives you a chance to increase the range of coverage of your WiFi router, throughout, say, your home. This will not require you to make use of additional cables. You don’t even have to know anything about or deal with complicated networking. 

For the most part, these devices are easy to install since they come in a plug-and-play unit. Although, this may vary with respect to the make and model.   

Some leading brands of WiFi extenders allow you to plug your device into a nearby power outlet. You connect another plug close to where your router is and with the help of an ethernet cable try connecting the two. Then, you need to place one more adapter where you need your WiFi in your house or office.   

But keep in mind though that powerline adapters may only be as good as your house’s electrical wiring. If your house is particularly old, a powerline WiFi antennas extender may not be able to offer the significant signal boost that you are aiming to have.   

The solution here is to take into account how old your home wiring is. If it is that old already, a dual-band WiFi extender will do a great job as far as your WiFi signal boosting option is concerned.