Catering Equipment Repairs: Questions Worth Asking

Catering Equipment RepairsCommercial equipment would break down in one way or the other. It would help if you got it back up and also run right away. Otherwise, you risk leaving cash on the table and rushing to locate other methods to hold, produce or show essential menu products. Yet, before you pay a king’s ransom for repairs, it’s worth asking: Do you fix it or change it?

Catering Equipment Repairs: Questions to Ask

Does the Equipment have a Warranty?

If ever you have pricey repair work, repairing instead of changing might be an apparent choice, specifically if the devices are still under warranty. Yet, often, the solution will not be that simple, and you’ll need to do some investigator job considering that most catering equipment features a limited-service warranty. Your very first step is to get in touch with the maker and check if the equipment is still safeguarded as well as if so, ask what the guarantee will cover. Once you have swapped out the tools or hired the upkeep professional, you’ll quickly be seeing your devices as well as procedure back industrious.

How is the Performance?

Dining establishment demands are constantly developing, analyzing whether your tools are making the grade. In case an industrial tool is doing its job, it needs to be making you cash. Yet, if it fails, it could cut into your possible earnings and cost you, clients. When you have a shattered piece of equipment, it’s an excellent possibility to examine its performance and use. Does it have the uniformity, speed, and capability to satisfy your existing customer demand and volume needs? If your present equipment isn’t keeping up and may require catering equipment repairs, it might be time to reduce your losses as well as take into consideration an upgrade.

How is the Operational Competence?

Running an effective operation is likewise a money-saver. Technology breakthroughs at a fast rate; tools acquired ten years ago do not have the same functions as what’s available at present. Older cooking devices generally take more time to heat up and do not have the quick-cooking innovation and automation that obtains food out of the kitchen area quicker. Aging refrigerated units could have a hard time keeping cold food at the best temperature– affecting security, top quality, and client complete satisfaction. Such situations can amount to even more labor and time spent hand-holding worn-out equipment and saying sorry to waiting clients.

What is its Life Expectancy?

It could be hard to bid goodbye to dependable tools that have served you well, however, the fact is, at a specific factor, repairing over replacing could not make much sense. The last point you want is to handle downtime because you maintained a tool past its prime. If it’s nearing the final months, re-evaluate whether it’s worth replacing the system completely. Additionally, bear in mind that there are older units that are not manufactured any longer, and getting spare parts might be complex. Lastly, a safe procedure is your top concern. Older devices with malfunctioning electricals or other threats aren’t worth the threat. If the safety of tools enters into question, that’s once when buying a new device is non-negotiable.

Sonic Drill: The Present and The Future of Drilling

Sonic Drill

In recent years, there has been a new trend in geotechnical site investigations using sonic drill rigs. This new technology is a product of the ever-evolving drilling industry in its pursuit to remain a significant and sustainable business sector.

Sonic drilling is an advanced and efficient method of soil penetration, harnessing the power of high-frequency resonance generated inside a sonic head, creating a smoother path for the drill to travel by reducing any frictional resistance encountered from subsurface formations. 

This innovative drilling technology works by creating a liquefying effect from the vibrations emanated within the sonic head, causing the surrounding subsurface materials to be displaced and paving the way for the drill head to advance and reach the operator’s objectives.

But why is sonic technology considered the present and the future of drilling? Here’s why:

Produces Superior Core Samples

Wastes produced from a site investigation are not only harmful to the environment but can also corrupt the integrity of the samples.

But with the incredible design and engineering ingenuity of the sonic drill rigs, the integrity of the core samples produced is incredibly high and superior compared to other drilling methods available today.

The innovative casing system of this advanced equipment makes this feat possible by preserving the integrity of the samples by as little as 1% deviation.

Sonic Drill Rigs Are Versatile and Flexible

When it comes to drilling, no two site investigations are the same. Thus, the ability of the equipment to adapt to any circumstances is a  plus factor. No other method is as flexible and versatile as sonic drill rigs. That’s why it is the preferred method, especially when it comes to overburdened investigation sites.

However, a preliminary investigation of the site is needed to ensure that the method and tool to be employed are accurate and deliver the target result as possible.

Protects the Environment

Another advantage of sonic is waste minimization. Because of its penetration speed and the reduction of friction, the operation on the site is reduced, which means less energy consumption. 

Highlights the Importance of Safety at Work

Sonic rigs are designed and built with occupational health and safety as top priorities. By using hands-free operating systems and artificial intelligence (AI) to operate the equipment, fewer people are needed on the site, and thus minimizing the potential risks during the operation.

Allows Efficient Penetration and Maximum Core Recovery

By using high-frequency resonance to eliminate friction between subsurface materials as the core barrel advances, sonic technology allows efficient penetration and maximum recovery in any unconsolidated formations with unmatched speed.

To sum up, sonic may not be the best solution for every project, but it has the potential of achieving incredibly high results in any geotechnical or environmental explorations that are previously considered unviable. 

Three Ways How Jamboard G Suite Can Empower Your Business

Jamboard Gsuite - Source Benq

With the fast-changing and dynamic business environment today, teams can now work more closely together regardless of distance and space with the help of Jamboard G Suite.

Major business decisions must be done quickly and eliminate repetitive and tedious manual tasks to ensure success and productivity.

G Suite makes all these things possible. It takes and transforms team collaboration to a whole new level by providing innovative tools to solve problems faster and allowing team members to focus their time on more urgent matters. 

Here are the three ways how G Suite unlocks the new kind of collaboration that empowers many businesses in the modern world.

  • Jamboard G Suite Transforms the Way Teams Collaborate

In any business, team collaborations have a powerful impact on its success.  And to achieve this kind of feat, more efficient and creative ways of sharing ideas are needed. 

G Suite provides intelligent tools for creating new and effective ways to help team members work faster and smarter. 

The jamboard, for example, is a digital whiteboard powered by G Suite that allows team members to collaborate on different files in real-time regardless of their location. 

With Jamboard’s innovative features, team members can actively collaborate and share their ideas by inserting texts, images, or videos directly from their files or the web.

  • Improves Accessibility and Connectivity with G Suite’s Collaborative Tools

Another way G suite allows team members to connect and work effectively as one team is through different collaborative tools and services. 

These services include custom and secure business emails, integrated online calendars, collaborative word documents, and smart spreadsheets.

The team can also safely meet and connect from anywhere through a video conferencing app built on Google’s robust and highly secure global infrastructure. 

  • Brings Raw Creativity and Organizational Skills to A New Level

The perfect combination of Jamboard and G Suite provides essential solutions to improve creativity and organizational skills among team members.

Teams can also share their creative ideas in real-time through sessions called jams. Each jam session is saved in the cloud and can easily be accessed and shared within the team. 

Files saved in the Google Drive folder can be systematically organized and shared via the cloud. Anyone in the team can always refer back to the previous jam sessions whenever they need to.

With G Suite, important emails can be converted into calendar events and transform team meetings into collaborative sessions within the interactive Jamboard interface. 

In summary, G Suite is a highly intelligent and innovative tool that, when utilized properly and efficiently, can transform and empower any business in achieving great success.

3D Printer Brisbane: Bike Customization Now Possible

bike customizationBeing more than a hundred years of age, the bicycle as one invention has been a vital means of transport to this day. Against motor vehicles, bikes are economical, healthy, versatile, and eco-friendly ways of quickly moving around. Their production methods have come a long way, but what is the input 3D printing needs to use?

3D Printer Brisbane: Bike Framework Manufacturing

When we are talking about bicycle design, the significance lacks a question of the structure. The main goal when developing a bike is to obtain optimal mechanical homes for a provided function. For instance, a mountain bike should handle impacts and continuous cycles of stress and anxiety, while racing bikes should be as light as feasible to achieve high speed. So, choosing which product to use has a substantial effect on the bike’s strength-weight ratio. In addition, making costs and also times are additionally essential factors.

Steel and also aluminum alloys are the standard products from which frames are made. Let us review some information each:

Steel: It is the main engineering product thanks to its convenience when it concerns alloys and producing prices. Steel’s strength allows the manufacturing of solid frameworks while permitting compliance at the same time. The primary benefit of this product is that it is simple to collaborate with (Machining, bending, welding) and repair when required. Currently, for its drawback, steel is pretty hefty in comparison to various other products, in addition to its tendency to rust.

Aluminum: If you are seeking a lighter choice than steel, aluminum, which is 1/3 lighter, is a superb choice. Because it is not as strong as steel, aluminum’s tubing typically makes up bigger sizes, and likewise, it is more probable to dent.

3D Printing for Bike Customization

The significant contribution that 3D printing introduced into the production world is the capacity to recreate efficient customizations. Also, undoubtedly, this write-up is making emphasis on how beneficial this facet is for bike style. The advantages of additive production in this sector confirm how everywhere human resourcefulness can obtain.

Layout Versatility

Manufacturing titanium and carbon fiber components is not as frustrating as we can have at our disposition 3D printers. The design flexibility that additive manufacturing supplies opens up many possibilities for intricate shapes, lowering manufacturing price and times, and controlling precise and optimizable electronic information.

New standards develop on exactly how producing procedures can be achieved, for instance, in settings up. Welding and constructing bike parts is a problematic aspect of bike production, primarily due to having to very carefully join and align parts while considering several tolerances, which can cause several mistakes. 3D printing has the advantage of consolidating many parts into one while lowering the demand for regular top-quality examinations. You can even avoid the need for an assembly jig in particular conditions.

Innovation and Maintenance

3D printing bike parts is not just about the manufacturing procedure of the bike itself yet additionally about its maintenance and enhancement. Suppose you have an ingenious mind, and you are additionally a biking fanatic. In that case, a 3D printer Brisbane can end up being a crucial device to produce personalized updating and accessories for your bike. You can also make use of reverse design to make any spare component you may require.

What is the Proper Way of Installing a GPS Antenna for Your Car’s Navigation System?

gpsThe external GPS antenna included with in-dash navigation receivers comes with a few simple rules to follow. The first rule is to not cut the antenna or alter it in any way.

The other rule to keep in mind is that it must keep continuous contact with the GPS satellites that are up above the skies, orbiting the planet. You must install them in such a way that their signal is not hampered, for optimum and uninterrupted connection. 

Due to the exceptional strength and reliability of satellite signals today, installing your antenna on this side of your car should be more than sufficient to sustain good reception. Besides, it is a secure and strategic spot that will help keep the antenna out of sight while serving the purpose of keeping it in place.

When deciding where to put your antenna with GPS antenna functionality, we recommend that you have it on the dashboard. Or you can have it behind the back deck. For as long as it travels into the sky and veers away from two-way antennas, it should be working as expected. 

However, you should consider mounting your antenna on the outside of your vehicle under any of the following conditions:

  • Your vehicle does have a rear defroster that is wired. 
  • Your car does have a metallic window tint.
  • Your car comes with a solar reflective window.
  • There you have on your windshield a fixed windshield radio antenna. 

In addition, the GPS antenna should be leveled and connected to a metal plate or sheet, if one is present. In almost all cases, the antenna will be secured with some type of adhesive. To complete the installation, you’ll need to route the antenna wire to the rear of the receiver in a location such as a trunk, on the floorboard, door seal, or window. 

Connecting the Parking Brake Wire

Any video screen fronting your vehicle, for safety reasons, must be linked to the parking brake wire. This measure will also apply to GPS systems. 

While your vehicle is in active motion, some of its navigation systems are deactivated. If you want to change the unit’s default settings or lookup a particular phone number, then you don’t have much of a choice, but you must first pull over. 

gps travel

If you want to change the unit’s default settings or lookup a particular phone number, then you don’t have much of a choice, but you must first pull over. In some cases, a connection to the foot brake would be necessary as well.

Connecting Reverse Signal Wire

Various navigation systems are also attached to the car’s reverse signal wire. A connection of this kind informs the navigation system when the vehicle is in reverse mode. If this cable is not linked, the direction of the vehicle will not be properly monitored. Hence, the navigation system can’t be expected to operate correctly. 

The most commonly used method is to hook up to the reverse light wire situated directly behind the tail light. A multimeter will be needed to check each wire that goes to the tail light.

To test if the car’s battery is getting a 12V voltage, you should have a multimeter connected to a wire. Ask someone around you to put the car in reverse mode (apply the brake while doing so, of course). Perform this drill with each wire and repeat the process until you identify the correct one.

If you get a 12-volt reading, remember to check the brakes rather than the reverse wire. If you get a reading, moments after the brake is pressed, then you’ve just identified the brake wire.

There are numerous possible locations for the reverse wire; it can be found under the dash or in the engine compartment. We suggest that you first analyze your vehicle’s wiring system to ensure you are getting the right one. It is easy to access by tapping on the tail light.

How to Clean A Clogged Nozzle 3D Printing Machine?

3D printing machineWhen it comes to 3D printing, the nozzle and hot end on your 3D printer machine go through so much of rough work. Therefore, giving it a proper clean is a must. Otherwise, they can bring about issues in quality and uneven extrusion.

3D printers work best when the filament is kept at a low or room temperature, so it is no good to use when it is printing, but it can get clogged if you allow it to come out when it’s hot. 

You should try replacing the nozzle if you find that your filament comes out tangled or doesn’t pass through smoothly. You may remove the nozzle to clean it, or push it out, but not both. Printing should run smoothly fine when you’re finished. 

1.Cancel the current print job. Select the “Unload” menu option from your 3D printer software. Don’t pull out the filament until the nozzle is sufficiently heated. 

Pull out the filament little by little to prevent creating any kind of damage to your machine.  If your filament won’t come out, you may want to try heating up the nozzle bit, doing so should make it easier to pull it out. 

2. Preheat your nozzle to around 200 degrees Celsius or about 392 degrees Fahrenheit. After removing your filament, the nozzle’s temperature will begin to go down and thus cool on its own. 

From your printer’s settings, start heating the nozzle to approximately 200 °C or about 392 °F. This amount of heat should be enough to help facilitate the removal of any remaining filament clogging the nozzle. Allow the nozzle to fully heat up first before proceeding.

Tip: Heat settings in various sections of a 3D printer may be adjusted. When cleaning the nozzle, make sure you heat only that. 

3. Insert a nylon filament or transparent ABS into the nozzle and keep it in place for a few seconds. Nylon and ABS plastic share one common attribute, they both have high melting points. This makes them easier to handle when picking up clogs.

Insert the filament end into the cavity right above your nozzle. Gently force the filament as far as it can go via the nozzle before it comes to a halt. Keep your filament in that position for around 10-15 seconds to allow it to slightly melt. 

Avoid using products with a lower melting point since they will not hold their shape as well.

4. Check for any dirt or debris deposits after pulling out the filament before cutting it off.  After around 10-15 seconds, you can pull the filament out of the nozzle.

Because ABS or nylon is partially melted and has a transparent look, any residue that might have been removed should be visible to you. Using a pair of scissors, measure 2.0 inches or about 5 cm from the filament’s dirty end. 

5. Continue the cycle again until you have the filament come out clean. Keep inserting the filament end into the nozzle and let it out after a couple of seconds.  

3D printing

As you work, the filament will pick up less grime, debris, and dirt. Keep going with the nozzle cleaning process until you see the filament is clear when you take it out.  

See to it that you cut out the dirty filament to keep it from coming back into your nozzle.

6. With the help of a thin wire or needle, push any clog through the nozzle. Maintain a tight grip on the nozzle using your pliers when poking a wire or needle into it. Clear any residue from the inside of the nozzle’s sides with a scraper. 

Continue cleaning the nozzle until the clog is gone until such time you can see through it without any obstruction. Wipe clean the wire and needles to clear them off of any possible residues. 


Nozzle cleaning should be done regularly to maintain printing consistency and to produce parts with smooth surfaces, free of cavities and bumps. Service your 3D printing equipment regularly, or you can just enlist the assistance of a specialist. This is the best way you can ensure that it remains in tip-top shape. 

3D Printer Brisbane and How It Changed Education

Checking out stories from the mass media, there are so many projections that 3D printing is an indispensable element of the future of production.

robotic prototypeCurrently, innovation is quickly being embraced in lots of areas of business. Also, as time goes forward, we will begin seeing the creation being applied in several use cases not only restricted to organizations.

The exhilaration for modern technology mainly comes from one straightforward old financial term, “Economies of scale”.

Comparable to numerous technologies prior to it, most of the advances start in huge institutions, and afterward, as the expansion of modern technology develops, economies of the range come into play.

You only must look at the background of calculating itself to see this pattern. The very first machines were significant as well as clunky. As time took place, more developments brought about less costly manufacturing approaches that caused costs to lower and the computer coming to be budget-friendly to the typical home.

Having a high impact on all efficient as well as innovative sectors, 3D printing changed the training course of background as we know it. Supplying a trusted and fast service for different kinds of problems, 3D printing enthusiasts and curious individuals quickly formed areas. Within those areas, they share, discover, and discuss other 3d printers and models.

With such a remarkable development and globally spread in a brief period, it was just a matter of time until the instructional potential of 3D printing got observed. Here are the realities that managed to change education and to teach systems through 3D printing.

3D Printer Brisbane in Education

1. Much less theory, more practice

Many of the educational systems worldwide share the problem of the lack of technique in schools and colleges. This happens mainly because of limited financial and personnel possibilities. With 3D printing currently being present in more and more key and secondary school systems, the opportunities come to be unlimited. Students can nowadays find out about additive production and its principles. Furthermore, they can likewise see, make use of as well as also improve it.

creative thinking

2. New skills = New possibilities

Recognizing and making use of the technology in the instructional process brings excellent insights for the market. It additionally assists students to create brand-new skills and strengthens others– like creative thinking, practicality, or layout. Moving ahead, far better abilities frequently translate to more extensive and more diverse occupation opportunities pupils can get after completing the institution.

3. Cross discovering with 3D printing

3D printing is an independent technical domain name. Nonetheless, it can also bring worth to a variety of other domain names pupils discover out in the institution. For example, the Arts, Geography/Geology, or History domains can have huge benefits if merged with 3D printing.

There are so many possibilities that everyone can look forward to when it comes to 3D printer Brisbane. The technology is so promising that it will, without a doubt, will offer numerous benefits to the field of education.

What is the Relevance of High Pressure Waterjet Works Machine Cleaning for the Construction Industry?

water pressureThe process of spraying high-pressure water on a surface to dissolve or remove deep-seated materials or pollutants is called waterjet machine cleaning. 

High-pressure water can easily and effectively strip away a wide range of films, abrasive fabrics, and many more from a variety of surfaces. This would include smudges of rubber particles on airport runways, old and cracked/chipped paint on walls, crumbling asphalt on highways, even metal surfaces. It can also remove stiff gum, graffiti, and deep-seated pollution deposits on paved roads. 

The Construction Industry and Water Blasting

High-pressure waterjet machine cleaning for industrial cleaning purposes is a normal practice in the building and construction industry. It effectively removes deep-seated soil and a host of other unwanted materials from surfaces and structures. 

As a matter of fact, high-pressure water jet machine cleaning is the method of choice for cleaning and clearing tasks where a significant amount of abrasives have accumulated and need to be removed.

Studies show that surfaces that are cleared and cleaned with high-pressure water jet cleaning have a higher level of cleanliness as opposed to those that are cleaned using only traditional solid abrasive methods. 

High-pressure water jet cleaning clears away deeply embedded crystallized salt, old paint coatings, and even rust build-up. This results in the significant decline of chloride levels on the surface, which when it happens enhances the adhesion property of the surface, resulting in increased longevity of the paint. 

The use of high-pressure waterjet works machine cleaning facilitates the completion of construction projects in areas where other traditional methods are impractical, such as refineries, ports, and urban areas, making ultra-high pressure water jet machine cleaning indispensable in the construction industry, primarily because of its ability to adapt to any space requirements.

Health Risks are Reduced

One of the major advantages of high-pressure water jet machine cleaning over sandblasting is it does not produce dust particles. This only goes to show that it completely takes away the possibility of generating highly dangerous pollutants should they become airborne.

Because of the potential for residual risk when construction workers make use of cleaning equipment, we can safely say that this is inarguably a great safety measure.

Water Blasting Machinery

A high-grade water blasting equipment is ideal for cleaning and blasting tasks in construction sites such as drums, pipes, structures, scaffolding, and support bars. It can also help you handle cleaning and blasting work for tanks, concrete, trucks, and silos.

Other high-pressure water jet cleaning machines can get the job of removing hard dirt from a wide variety of surfaces, such as pipes.

water technology

What Can You Effectively Clean with High-Pressure Water? 

High-pressure waterjet machine cleaning effectively removes grease, mold, dirt, oil, and mildew from an array of surfaces. This makes them look brand new again right after.

High-pressure water jet cleaning washers are good for domestic uses, too. It can take advantage of a wide array of cleaning activities all around the house, including:

  • Deck cleaning 
  • Garage or driveway floor cleaning
  • Roof washing
  • Cladding washing
  • Cleaning windows
  • Washing/cleaning bricks and grout 
  • Washing natural stone pathways
  • Eliminate flaking or chipping of paint from trim or cladding. 


Thinking of a 3D Printer Brisbane Startup? Know These Things

3D printerThere is no denying the charm of releasing a startup for the details age. And equally, there is no question that a 3D printer startup makes sense for the modern-day production age. It is easy to begin a 3D printer company due to the demand for customization on the planet around us. 3D printing innovation feeds that continuing demand.

3D printing innovation distinguishes itself from various other manufacturing modern technologies by being welcoming to any person that desires to transform their ideas into components, devices, and artworks.

Thus, if you are seeking a safer domain name to kick-off your startup, why not think of 3D printers?

3D Printer Brisbane: Pointers for You

1. 3D printing material

Among the most significant points, you require to carry a hand for beginning to 3D print things is a 3D printing product. It relies on the kind of 3D printing modern technology used by your 3D printer Brisbane for making things. If your printer is centered on FDM 3D printing modern technology, a 3D printing product you would call for is a filament. If your 3D printer is based upon SLA 3D printing technology, you would undoubtedly require a resin.

So, corresponding to the printer you will utilize in your startup, you need to have a listing of 3D printing material service providers. Lots of businesses are into the business of offering 3D printing products, online and offline. You will realize while browsing that many 3D printer suppliers are also in such domain names. For this reason, it is suggested that you purchase from a business whose core is producing 3D printing products. Although the previous does not certainly cost you so much more than the last, it is always a good idea to contrast both.

2) An Area or a Stockroom

Perhaps, you may not require a dedicated room or a storage facility because there are some desktop 3D printers accessible in the marketplace. However, when trying to come out as an entrepreneur, if you could take care of a different area or a stockroom, why not?

One disadvantage of 3D printing innovation is the smell of burned plastic material. Therefore, if you can restrict that smell to a warehouse or a room, individuals in your environment will certainly not have to take care of it. Additionally, there are open-body 3D printers offered out there, so there is constantly a threat. In general, if you could take care of a distinct area for your 3D printers, great! It would undoubtedly be chaotic; however, you can take care of it if you cannot.

3) Software Application

Among the things that distinguish 3D printing modern technology from other industrial innovations and lets you produce extra exactly is the 3D layout software application. Your 3D printer knows what or what not to print through the 3D style file fed right into it. The significance of the software is equivalent to or perhaps more than the 3D printing material.

3D design

4) Substitute of Components for your 3D printer

Components like the print head, the print bed, and belts are that you are encouraged to stock. They are the components that will undoubtedly be in a 3D printer regardless of which type you prepare to start your business with. Additionally, if it is an FDM 3D printer, you must have fundamental knowledge concerning the nozzle system and extruder. And the ability you require relies on the kind of 3D printing modern technology your printer is based upon.

Having a substitute of at the very least, almost all is suggested so that if at any moment during the printing process those components are dented, the procedure does not experience.

Keep in mind, an essential benefit of modern 3D printing technology is its capacity to personalize. Unlike conventional production methods, you can easily customize components and applicable models using 3D printers for individuals and various occasions.

Why 3D Printing is the New Frontier in Regenerative Healthcare?

3D scienceWhile there is not much of a dramatic improvement or life-altering change for home and office printers during the last 3 decades, this is in contrast to what has been happening in the world of 3D printing services. This aspect of 3-dimensional printing has taken on a different route instead. 

Otherwise known as the additive manufacturing method due to its progressive layer-by-layer approach in printing your subject material, much innovation has been made about it in the last 2 decades.

Consequently, the positive changes that it had and all its recent breakthroughs perked up the interest of industry leaders from various fields. They saw their potential benefit and all. Thus, they can use those in advancing their cause. 

Come the year 2000s, 3D printing technology entered the medical world. This came to happen by virtue of 3-dimensional printing devices, such as the ones intended for surgical instruments and prosthetics. 

As of this writing, both the medical space and the scientific community are testing out various kinds of bio-inks. This is in the hope of uncovering a breakthrough technique that can be utilized for printing human vital organs, cartilage, and bones. 

Regenerative Structure to Promote Long-Term Healing of Bones

UK’s Swansea University developed a bioprinting process that can create an artificial bone matrix. It is made from durable and long-lasting regenerative material.  

Right now, the treatment options we have for complex bone fractures will involve a surgical procedure known as bone grafting. This process will replace damaged or missing bones with cement-based materials.

However, there is a handful of limiting factors to this kind of treatment. One, there is the risk of inappropriate mechanical integrity and, two, it does not allow the growth of new bone tissues.  

Bioprinting here is more advantageous in the sense that you can opt to print them in the exact structure using regenerative biomaterial.

Such materials are usually made from collagen alginate, agarose, gelatine, polycaprolactone, and calcium phosphate. Over time, the bioprinted bones can fuse themselves with the natural bone of the patient. 

Functionality Challenge for a Beating Heart

A fully vascularised heart was successfully 3D printed by the American Friends of Tel Aviv University. This group of scientists made use of the fat tissue cells of a donor. 

technology in medical field

The fat cells needed to undergo partial culturing, reprogramming them in the process into heart cells. The 3D-printed heart came fully equipped with all the necessary ventricles, chambers, blood vessels, and cells. The said bionic heart was created based upon the medical images produced out of the donor patient’s own heart.  

As of this writing, this technology remains at its inception phase. The heart, which the said researchers have successfully 3D printed is comparable to the size of a rabbit’s heart, is not capable of pumping any blood. 

Team leaders of the said research group are looking forward to testing out their printed hearts. They intend to do it first in animals as their subject. But this may happen only if they figured out how to rescale the human organs and get them to beat.  

Better Alternative to Skin Grafting for Burn Patients

When it comes to addressing severe burns, our recourse is skin grafting. What the medical professionals do here is harvest the patient’s healthy skin. They perform this in that part of the body that is not burnt.

However, in some cases, there is not enough healthy skin anymore left on the patient’s body to use.  

A scanner may be taken advantage of to gauge the depth and the size of the wound. The role of the 3D printing machine here is to take in the said information and print the hypodermic, epidermic, and dermic skin cells at the corresponding depths. This will help in giving the wound good coverage. 

While the trial phase for this technology is taking on a forward direction, members of the said research team are holding their optimism high. They’re looking forward to having placentas and amniotic fluid as effective skin to patients. They believe in their potential in aiding severe skin burn patients to heal from their wounds.